Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why Arsenal Will Win The Premier League This Season

The last premier league season (2013-2014) arsenal football club finished 4th.In the past 4 seasons arsenal have finished fourth consecutively.The fans were used to seeing arsenal start poorly but end up finishing strong but still not enough to win the title.
arsenal squad

Last season,was quite different.Arsenal for the first time,started the season well.Although the first home game against aston villa was not quite expected.Arsenal were on top of the league for 128 days.The longest time a club has been on top but end up not winning.The winnners manchester city were not on top even half the days we were but still won the league.So the main question is why? Why did we stay on top of the league that long and end up not winning,while man city won.

As we all know,injuries have been a big issue for us,we suffered so many injuries during the month of december.Aaron Ramsey,Theo Walcott,Jack Wilshere,Mesut Ozil,Oxlade chamberlain.These were very important players for us,and we lost them during a very crucial time of the season..Our striker Olivier Giroud lost his form during this period,thus causing a huge downfall in our perfomances.Losing 6-0 to chelsea,5-1 to liverpool was just the most painful thing that happened to me and all arsenal fans world wide.It left a scar in our hearts that was just unhealable.

So we can conclude that,losing all those players played a huge role in us finishing 4th ,but luckily some of them came back during the end of the season and we managed to win the FA cup,our first trophy in 9 years.This was the turning point in arsenal football club.Winning the FA cup,one of the historical tournament in english football changed everything about Arsenal.The players are now much more hungry for more trophies because they understand how big of a deal is winning something.

With the new signings of Alexis sanchez,Debuchy,Ospina,Chambers.Arsenal are looking very very strong..The return of costa rica striker joel campbell,and Theo walcott being fit,mesut ozil finding his form,arsenal are looking very strong.I am sure we will win the league if we keep all our players fit.Other top 4 clubs are looking strong  too,but i believe arsenal have the hunger,desire,and the talent to win all the tournaments in football.We are a top class club and we have what it takes to win the premier league easily.If we managed to be on top for 128 days last season with the kind of players we had,imagine how long we can be on top with the players we have now.Come on Arsenal!You can do it!

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